Sunday, March 26, 2017

2017 Bead Soup Blog Party  --  Bead Hoarders Edition!
I signed up!   

Lori Anderson organizes this Bead Soup, Bead Hoarders Edition party.   I was able to get in on it this year.   Great challenge.   I think the biggest challenge is figuring out posting on a Blog!!  hahaha
Sorry to say I was a day late in posting....but life happens, don't ya know.

This is the package of beds I received from my bead soup partner, Sue Anzalone
Even received a stuffed toy!   My granddaughter will get that!

Sue sent quite a few beads!   I spread them all out to see what I wanted to use

The design process began.   I definitely  wanted to use the darker color beads to go with the Lion focal bead.   (Lots of choices Sue!!)

So, here is my design decision....It includes my handmade wire components and and jump rings.
here you see the back end of the clasp.   I like a chunkier look with the chain, so I added the second chain.

Close up of the cute lion focal!  All the beads used in this necklace were included from my partner, Sue Anzalone

A closer look at the beads from Sue.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

2016 Art Charm Exchange/Challenge
This past year I have been following the newsletter by the AJE team of artists.   One of the team members, Jen Cameron of Glass Additions, has been hosting an Art Charm Exchange for a few years.

Each participant makes 11 themed charms.  1 charm is auctioned off with proceeds donated to a chosen charity.   The other 10 charms are sorted and exchanged by Jen amongst 10 other participants.
The theme for 2016 is Fairy Tales.

Well, that sounded kinda interesting.  I've never participated in a swap like this so I thought I should challenge myself and join in the fun.

The 1st thing I had to do was "dust off" the Blog I had started 4 years ago!   Must have a blog to be in an exchange like this.   That was the first challenge, "add photos" to my blog was a suggestion by Jen.
Another challenge....the photos I take of my work has been just to keep a record, nothing fancy.

It's been interesting, jumping into the blogging world....I'm still learning all the technical, how do I add the groups links to my page?    That kinda stuff.    So here we go........

The words "Once upon a time" stayed with me as I was working out my charm design.   I used my skills in wire work, metalsmithing and glass bead making for this charm.   The words "once upon" are stamped into the hand cut and formed brass disc that tops my glass bead.  I added a crystal rondell and a Swarofski bicone to each charm.   Copper wire is used to for the wire work.
I made all the glass beads one of a kind --a white base with different color frit for each bead and then encased in clear glass.

Stay tuned, the auction information will be announced soon.   With links to the site and info on how you can bid for a charm.

Now check out the rest of the group!

Alenka Obid

Sunday, July 17, 2016

So we all like to look at photos of others work, right?   I do!  I'd say that's why Pinterest is so popular, lol.   I'll start off with these random pieces....

"Grounded in the Water" Synergy collaboration with Kathleen Robinson.   My wire & metal work & assemblage,  Kathleen's elctoformed glass beads & focal bead.  Lovely piece.

 Simple necklace with glass flower.

 Wire work project I taught.

 A Dallas Lovett class project!  Dallas is a great teacher, I took many of his classes.
His wire work is elegant.

Another necklace project I taught.   You learned how to make your own headpins and form heavier gauge wire & wire wrap beads & weave beads onto the pendant fram.   Good one to complete in class!

I'll add more photos of my work next post.  
It's been a beautiful day here in the Detroit area!   I must sit outside and enjoy....
I have to put together a Bio for the 2016 Charm Exchange and my Guild's Synergy Project, so here is what I have come up with:

I’ve had a love of “playing” with beads since I was a child going through my Mom’s costume jewelry drawer.  I love making making all kinds of jewelry, from stringing, seed bead weaving to metalsmithing, bending wire & flameworking glass beads.   
After retiring from 30 yrs. working in the Automotive Industry, I worked 5 years in a local Bead Store, where I began to teach classes in jewelry making.  I still teach at various venues in the Metro Detroit area.
I continue to take classes and workshops to improve my skills and learn from all the great artists who teach - I want to learn it all! 

I’m an active volunteer of two local guilds.   The Southeast Michigan Glass Beadmakers Guild (SMGBG) as elected Secretary.   Also a member of the Programming Committee for the Great Lakes Beadworkers Guild (GLBG).  And the world wide guild,  International Society of Glass Beadmakers (ISGB).

I think doing a Bio is like going to the Dentist!  but it's done!  lol

Thursday, June 16, 2016

It's been quite awhile since my last post.   Journaling is something I have to work at!
In my post from 2014,  I talked about my daughter's wedding gown.   I've attached some photos.
This gown was a custom design, hand-made by my good friend, Karen Lukianoff for my daughter, Aliisa.   It is awesome!  

My daughter is seeing her dress put together for the first time.    Still more fittings and alterations were to come.   At this point, most of the beading on the lace was done.

 My long time hair stylist, Peggy, doing a trial hairdo with veil prior to the wedding

 The day we received the bridal veil in the mail from Spain!   The groom's aunt made this for Aliisa.  She has a bridal business in Spain.

More details of the veil.   We didn't quite know what it was going to look like, especially the length!  It is beautiful!!

 The tiara I made for Aliisa.   She gave me an idea for what she would like...more like a headband than a crown.  Crystals and pearls.   Looked great in her hair after the veil was removed at the reception.

 Karen at her kitchen table working on the dress.  The dress took over part of the living room and part of the dining room for weeks!

 Bustling the gown and figuring out where the hidden buttons would be.

at work in my "studio" on the brooch bouquet.   Mostly vintage rhinestone brooches I have been collecting for years.   Some brooches from both of Aliisa's grandmothers.   This was a surprise I made for my daughter.  My first time making one of these, but I knew that I wanted to make this for her big day!
 You can see a little of the sparkle of the beads on the dress.   Myself and a group of my Beady buddies worked on sewing 3mm crystal roundels on the lace of the dress.   Karen did the heavy beading on the top of the dress.   We had about a month to work on the beading.   Karen gave us lace panels of the skirt to work on.

 The first time, during alterations, that the veil and gown met up.

 Bridesmaid jewelry I made.   I forgot to take a picture of the Bride's jewelry I made!  I made Aliisa, crystal drop earrings and a pearl and crystal beaded bangle bracelet.

 This velveteen cape with crystal closure, was also made by the Aunt in Spain.

 The wedding was on Jan. 4th, and our church, Christ Our Savior Lutheran Church in Livonia, MI, was still beautifully decorated from Christmas!
 The completed Brooch Bouquet, with pics of the 2 Grandmothers attached!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

2014 -What a year this is turning out to be!

Aliisa and Jesus are expecting their 1st child in Oct.!!  My son Jake proposed to his girlfriend 2 weeks ago, they are looking at dates next year -- May or June.  
Just talked with my daughter, they are in Italy right now.  My son-in-law is presenting his research at a conference.   They will visit Venice tomorrow then they are home Tuesday and I arrive on Friday to visit for 2 weeks.
I should be packing instead of writing on this blog - lol!
I'm still trying to figure out how to punch up the looks of this blog....

Oh well, I would rather be working on some of my jewelry pieces.   My friend Cindi B. and I have been busy working with our Bronze clay & learning as we go.  
I still had a package of PMC3 that was workable, so I used up the clay with some small charms and 2 rings.   Just pulled the silver out of the tumbler and it looks awesome.   Next out of the tumbler are the Bronze discs to use with the Diane Sepanski style lampwork headpins.  And also made some discs with Copper clay, they haven't been fired yet.  The silver looks so cool but is the most EXPENSIVE!
I have some that has to be rehydrated.   I feel bad that I let that happen....
Also, I'm working each night on my Sherri Serafini  raku heart pendant piece!!  I love this piece and I feel addicted right now to seed bead work, especially Sherri's kits ---so gorgeous.   This was from a class 2 years ago.   About time to get it finished up haha

Ok -- so I better get off this blog and do some packing....or maybe some seed bead work first or .......
Till next time, then I'll figure out to add photos to this blog.