Sunday, January 27, 2013

Well, pooh!   who knew that the deadline for sign up was by midnite EST!   I'm in Central time zone.
Oh well.  I guess I need to stick to Glass Act challenges.

Are posts like a journal entry?  A diary?   hmmm,  how often should I post?  I'll commit to, at minimum, once a week.   More posts if 's I feel inclined.

Spoke to the bride-to-be, Aliisa, today.  2 hrs.45min.  
We're still hall searching.   Truthfully though everyone likes the looks of Dearborn Inn.
We're discussing, Bridal gowns, Bridesmaid dresses, Brides Bouquet, Bridal jewelryl  Monica's wedding details,  Lyndsey's wedding date, Tuxedo's, M.O.B. dresses, etc etc, etc........

Must figure out how to spruce up my  blog page.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

1st post

OK, I'm going to do this!   The Bead Soup project has spurred me on to start a blog.  I have read about this challenge in past years and thought that it looked like such a cool idea.   So I'm jumping in.... cuz it looks like you have to have a blog to be part of the challenge.
Does this mean I have to understand all about Blogs and how to put one together??    Well, I don't know that much about starting one up, I'll just stumble through it & learn as I go.
What do I want on this blog?   My ramblings about making jewelry, making lampwork beads, learning metalsmithing and all the good people I have met and made friends with on this artful journey.
My love of photography and taking a gazillion pictures of patient family members and every beautiful outdoor/indoor scene I think is wonderful.   I always carry my point & shoot digital with me.   A picture is worth a thousand words -- so true.
The busy life of a "retired person"  haha
And best of all,,,helping my daughter plan for her upcoming wedding, a year from now!   What fun we'll have!  I'm the field Rep. as she lives in Spain...see where the camera comes in?
So this is the first post!   Tomorrow I'll register to join the Bead Soup challenge.