Sunday, March 26, 2017

2017 Bead Soup Blog Party  --  Bead Hoarders Edition!
I signed up!   

Lori Anderson organizes this Bead Soup, Bead Hoarders Edition party.   I was able to get in on it this year.   Great challenge.   I think the biggest challenge is figuring out posting on a Blog!!  hahaha
Sorry to say I was a day late in posting....but life happens, don't ya know.

This is the package of beds I received from my bead soup partner, Sue Anzalone
Even received a stuffed toy!   My granddaughter will get that!

Sue sent quite a few beads!   I spread them all out to see what I wanted to use

The design process began.   I definitely  wanted to use the darker color beads to go with the Lion focal bead.   (Lots of choices Sue!!)

So, here is my design decision....It includes my handmade wire components and and jump rings.
here you see the back end of the clasp.   I like a chunkier look with the chain, so I added the second chain.

Close up of the cute lion focal!  All the beads used in this necklace were included from my partner, Sue Anzalone

A closer look at the beads from Sue.