Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Well, that didn't go as planned.   Last Post in January??  I said I would commit to once a week!  HAHA

It looks like Spring has arrived in the Detroit area!  YAY!   It's a heat wave out there.   60 deg. maybe??    and a blue sky day on top of that!   Must get off the laptop and get outside.....

Quandary of the day -- when do hummingbirds start make an appearance in this area?  and why is my lil' feeder dripping,  must investigate this.

Still planning "our" wedding.  Settled on the Hall, Photographer, videographer, Band --whew.   Now just need to keep track of when all the payments are due : )
Still talking about Dresses, veils, shoes, jewelry, b'maid dresses, bouquets, showers, etc. etc.......so much thinking to do!

OK that's it!  Gotta get outside...