Thursday, September 29, 2016

2016 Art Charm Exchange/Challenge
This past year I have been following the newsletter by the AJE team of artists.   One of the team members, Jen Cameron of Glass Additions, has been hosting an Art Charm Exchange for a few years.

Each participant makes 11 themed charms.  1 charm is auctioned off with proceeds donated to a chosen charity.   The other 10 charms are sorted and exchanged by Jen amongst 10 other participants.
The theme for 2016 is Fairy Tales.

Well, that sounded kinda interesting.  I've never participated in a swap like this so I thought I should challenge myself and join in the fun.

The 1st thing I had to do was "dust off" the Blog I had started 4 years ago!   Must have a blog to be in an exchange like this.   That was the first challenge, "add photos" to my blog was a suggestion by Jen.
Another challenge....the photos I take of my work has been just to keep a record, nothing fancy.

It's been interesting, jumping into the blogging world....I'm still learning all the technical, how do I add the groups links to my page?    That kinda stuff.    So here we go........

The words "Once upon a time" stayed with me as I was working out my charm design.   I used my skills in wire work, metalsmithing and glass bead making for this charm.   The words "once upon" are stamped into the hand cut and formed brass disc that tops my glass bead.  I added a crystal rondell and a Swarofski bicone to each charm.   Copper wire is used to for the wire work.
I made all the glass beads one of a kind --a white base with different color frit for each bead and then encased in clear glass.

Stay tuned, the auction information will be announced soon.   With links to the site and info on how you can bid for a charm.

Now check out the rest of the group!

Alenka Obid