Sunday, May 25, 2014

2014 -What a year this is turning out to be!

Aliisa and Jesus are expecting their 1st child in Oct.!!  My son Jake proposed to his girlfriend 2 weeks ago, they are looking at dates next year -- May or June.  
Just talked with my daughter, they are in Italy right now.  My son-in-law is presenting his research at a conference.   They will visit Venice tomorrow then they are home Tuesday and I arrive on Friday to visit for 2 weeks.
I should be packing instead of writing on this blog - lol!
I'm still trying to figure out how to punch up the looks of this blog....

Oh well, I would rather be working on some of my jewelry pieces.   My friend Cindi B. and I have been busy working with our Bronze clay & learning as we go.  
I still had a package of PMC3 that was workable, so I used up the clay with some small charms and 2 rings.   Just pulled the silver out of the tumbler and it looks awesome.   Next out of the tumbler are the Bronze discs to use with the Diane Sepanski style lampwork headpins.  And also made some discs with Copper clay, they haven't been fired yet.  The silver looks so cool but is the most EXPENSIVE!
I have some that has to be rehydrated.   I feel bad that I let that happen....
Also, I'm working each night on my Sherri Serafini  raku heart pendant piece!!  I love this piece and I feel addicted right now to seed bead work, especially Sherri's kits ---so gorgeous.   This was from a class 2 years ago.   About time to get it finished up haha

Ok -- so I better get off this blog and do some packing....or maybe some seed bead work first or .......
Till next time, then I'll figure out to add photos to this blog.

Monday, March 17, 2014

The wedding has happened!!  Yay, what a great and glorious day it was!   The bridesmaids dresses were gorgeous, dark red and looked wonderful on all 5 of the girls.
Aliisa's dress was custom made by my friend Karen.    She has made over 20 wedding dresses in her years since college (and studying dress design).   Karen made the offer to Aliisa and she immediately said yes, she'd love that.   It was a wonderful experiance for all of us.
I'll do a special post about it with pictures.