Sunday, July 17, 2016

So we all like to look at photos of others work, right?   I do!  I'd say that's why Pinterest is so popular, lol.   I'll start off with these random pieces....

"Grounded in the Water" Synergy collaboration with Kathleen Robinson.   My wire & metal work & assemblage,  Kathleen's elctoformed glass beads & focal bead.  Lovely piece.

 Simple necklace with glass flower.

 Wire work project I taught.

 A Dallas Lovett class project!  Dallas is a great teacher, I took many of his classes.
His wire work is elegant.

Another necklace project I taught.   You learned how to make your own headpins and form heavier gauge wire & wire wrap beads & weave beads onto the pendant fram.   Good one to complete in class!

I'll add more photos of my work next post.  
It's been a beautiful day here in the Detroit area!   I must sit outside and enjoy....

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